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  • The best PAT reports with clear advice
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  • We work around you so minimum disruption
  • Free out of hours and weekend testing
  • Free minor repairs please see below
  • Free training in visual inspection
  • Free microwave leakage testing
  • Prompt, efficient  and experienced inspectors
  • No hidden charges


    Combined Inspection and Testing
    We carry out all our testing in line with the code of practice for In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (4th edition 2012) published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and all the testing will follow the following format:

    Formal Visual inspection of each appliance
    Environmental conditions, appliance casing condition, flex or cord set inspection, plug, fuse and RCD checks.

    If we find a fault at this stage, we will advise you on what may be done, and how much it will cost. Please note we will replace plugs (BS 1363) and fuses free of charge. We will also do minor repairs such as shortening of damaged flexes and rewiring of plugs. In fact, if it takes us less than 10 minutes it's free.

    The electrical (PAT) tests
    The purpose of these tests is to ensure the equipment is electrically safe, under normal and single fault conditions. The tests follow the IET code of practice (4th edition 2012) and vary according to the type of equipment. Click here for a video explaining these tests.

    If we find a fault we will inform the responsible person and label it as unsafe to use. We may however be able to repair the fault (if less than 10 minuets labour) and retest it free of charge. Again we will advise you, and tell you if we are able to repair the item and the cost, if any.

    Record keeping
    All tests will be individually recorded for each appliance. The electrical readings for each test sequence will be directly inputted to our own custom software, kept and then automatically compared with subsequent inspections. This is  an important aspect of the testing, as it may show for example, insulation breaking down over time, or creeping corrosion of protective earth connections. It also offers the possibility of predicting that the unit under test would be at a fail state before any subsequent inspection. It is also of course useful for determining the correct frequency of inspection and testing.

    We have various options that we can deploy here. Simple paper labels as shown here or synthetic laminated cable wraps and laminated direct thermal labels from a mobile printer. The direct thermal labels can have bar codes and fields from the register added i.e. construction class and fuse value. This would aid staff carrying out formal visual inspections.
    PAT Testing Label

    Reports and Certificates supplied
    You will receive one of the best PAT reports in the industry (we have developed are own software system) The report will give clear safety and maintenance findings along with a register of equipment, certificates of equipment formal visual and combined inspection and test (with full test readings) a recommended retest schedule with explanations to aid you with your in-house risk assessments. We also provide a Formal visual inspection register for you to record your own inspection findings. We will be happy to distribute copies of the full report/departmental breakdown via email to key people in your organization.

     The best PAT report

    As we use our own software system we are able to tailor reports to your needs.

    Digital images and your own extra data can be collected during the inspections. Please contact us for details.

    Safe Systems of Work
    Test The West will control risks while working by; Control of test areas; Use of suitable tools and clothing; Use of suitable insulated barriers; Adequate accompaniment; Adequate space, access and lighting.


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