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Published by the governments Health & Safety Executive

HSG 107:Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment

Updated advice reflecting the fact that almost a quarter of all reportable electrical accidents at work involve portable equipment and that the vast majority cause electrical shock. New sections cover the subjects of cables and repair/replacement. Addressed primarily to employers, employees and self-employed who use, or have control over, such equipment.

In addition to general advice covering equipment that may be connected to a fixed mains or locally generated supply, the guidance also advises on what the legal requirements for maintenance can mean in practice. Covers a whole spectrum of everyday electrical equipment. Includes full coverage of duties under the law.



HSR 25: Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Guidance on Regulation

Updated references to relevant regulations, standards and publications, it replaces acknowledgment of the Institution of Electrical Engineers' IEE Regulations with BS7671.




These two books will give you a good grounding in maintaining electrical equipment in the workplace and are an essential read. The HSE has a dedicated space on it's website for electrical safety issues. On their pages you will find detailed advice for different sectors i.e. offices, shops, hotels and industrial environments. If you still have questions on any aspect of portable appliance testing please contact us



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